National boyfriend day: Nowadays, a new trend has been introduced on social media which is national boyfriend day. If you are someone to whom this day is not known then do read this article to know everything about national boyfriend day.

Happy National boyfriends day 2022

National boyfriend day is a day that is specially celebrated to make your boyfriend feel good, praised, and valued. This day is celebrated every year on the 3rd of October. On this day, girlfriends find ways to make their boyfriends happy and wanted.

Here in this article, you will get many new ideas for celebrating national boyfriends day.

National boyfriend day history:

National Boyfriend day

This day came into existence when some boyfriends realized that there is no specific day for their appreciation. So those people decided to introduce this day to the world. Initially, this day was not just for dating boyfriends but also male friends. But now this day is especially for dating boyfriends.

This day got popular when some people started using the hashtag #nationalboyfriendday on Twitter. First of all, this hashtag was found on Twitter in October 2014. After that on other social media platforms, national boyfriends day started trending.

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How to celebrate national boyfriend day:

There are many ways of celebrating national boyfriend day such as taking your boyfriend on a fancy candle night date, gifting him nice presents, making his favorite food, and taking him on a movie date. Not only this but there are many more ways of celebrating boyfriend day.

There is also the nicest way to celebrate national boyfriend day which is to post a good appreciation post for your boyfriend on social media. If your boy is fond of the sporting event then you can even take him to a sports event. Else, you can take him to his favorite singer’s concert.

Most people celebrate boyfriend’s day as valentine’s day by going on candlelight dinners, gifting flowers, movie dates, etc. But many have found new ways to celebrate boyfriend’s day. 

You can find more unique ideas on how to celebrate boyfriend’s day on google. If you want to décor a good dine-out setup or candlelight set up for your boyfriend, then you can search for ideas on Pinterest.

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Ways to celebrate National Boyfriend Day:

Following are some cute and unique ways of celebrating national boyfriends day;

1- Plan a fancy date on National Boyfriend day night:

Your boyfriend always takes you to restaurants on fancy dates to spend quality time with you. On national boyfriends day, you make sure to take him on a royal-style date to make him feel special. You can go to his favorite restaurant or can plan at home if you want to keep it private. In such a case, decorate your dining table with a cute Pinterest-style theme.

2- Take him to a movie date:

Usually, boyfriends surprise their girl with a movie pass. This time you surprise him with a movie date on this special day of national boyfriend day. There is another way which is to plan a movie night at home by projecting a movie, making popcorn, and setting up your lounge or room like a theatre.

3- On National Boyfriend day Cook his favorite dish:

 Treat your boyfriend with his favorite dish on national boyfriend’s day. If you are not good at cooking search for recipes on google, cook the meal, and present it in a unique style. Your boyfriend is going to love this surprise especially when if he is a foodie.

4- Gift him something special on National Boyfriends day:

You can also give beautiful presents to your boyfriend on national boyfriend’s day. You can either gift him a watch of his favorite brand, his name-printed wallet, a cute shirt, his favorite shoes, or any other electronic item as well. But it would be best to gift your boyfriend with something he always wanted to buy like something from his wish list. If you will gift him his most wanted stuff, he will be very happy and will feel valued.

5- Take him to a sports event:

If your boyfriend loves sports, then it is the best idea to take your boyfriend to a sports event. Take him out to watch the match on the ground, he would enjoy it in real.

6- Play his favorite sports with him:

 There is also an option which is to play your man’s favorite sports with him. To arrange a friendly match, invite your boyfriend’s friends and others to participate. If your boyfriend loves football, then you can arrange a football match to surprise your boyfriend.

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How national boyfriend day became popular:

National boyfriend day became popular with Twitter hashtags. People started this trend on social media Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, and others.

The male element plays an important role in a women’s life. Fathers hold their daughter’s hand and teach her how to live a successful life. A brother protects his sister from all the troubles. A husband gives love and respect to his wife and fulfills all her wishes.

 A male friend supports his friend in everything and enjoys all the moments with her. So why not celebrate a day on which we can appreciate their efforts and love. Like Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and friendship day, another day came into being which is boyfriend’s day.

National boyfriend day Conclusion:

National boyfriend day is very common in the US and many countries in Europe. This day was at first celebrated to make male friends valued and to appreciate them for playing such a nice role in a girl’s life. Male friends are pure friends who always want good for their girlfriends. So, there should be a day to make male friends feel special. A boyfriend plays an important role in a girl’s life.

Whether he is her romantic male partner or her male friend, a boyfriend always plays an important role. A boyfriend makes all the efforts to make his girlfriend feel special, loved, and valued. He tries to fulfill all her wishes. He protects his girlfriend from any trouble. Whenever his girl needs something or is in a problem, he tries everything to fulfill her needs and solve all his problems. A boyfriend continuously supports her girlfriend no matter what. His support remains constant in everything in her studies, job, career, etc.

National boyfriend day FAQS:

Q1. On which day, national boyfriend day 2022 is celebrated?

National boyfriend day 2022 is celebrated on 3rd October.

Q2. In which year, national boyfriend day got the most popularity?

National boyfriend day got popular in the year 2014.

Q3. How does national boyfriend day spread?

National boyfriend day spread through Twitter hashtags and posts when some people started the campaign for this.

Q4. Is national boyfriend day only for male romantic partners?

Initially national boyfriend day was for all-male best friends and male romantic partners. But now, this day is specifically for male romantic partners. Because girlfriends got more interest in celebrating this day to cherish their boyfriends.

Q5. How do people celebrate national boyfriend day?

National boyfriend day celebrations vary from person to person. Some people like to celebrate this day at home with their male partners. They plan surprises for their male friends. Whereas others take their boyfriends on a date, on movie night, or to a sports event.

Q6. Is national boyfriend’s day an official holiday?

No, national boyfriends day isn’t an official holiday. However, most people take a day off and celebrate this day with their loved ones.

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