Https aka ms remoteconnect- Games are fun, but they’re even better when you play with friends. So what exactly is https aka ms remoteconnect? Well, it’s a website that allows you to play the game minecraft on different gaming hardware like PS4, PS5, Or xbox, etc. Lets dig into further detail of Https aka ms remoteconnect.

You can enable the cross-play feature, and play it with your friends even if they are playing it on different devices. If you have any queries related to https aka ms remoteconnect then keep reading, we will discuss all the details in this article.

What Is Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Exactly?

Https aka ms remoteconnect allows you to play one of the most popular games, minecraft with your friends. To put it simply, it allows people to crossplay the game. You are playing on your PS4, while your friend might have just a Nintendo switch. Here https aka ms remoteconnect will come to the rescue!

It’s a big turn-off when you like a game but can’t play and enjoy it with your friends. Minecraft is a really addictive and interesting game that has kept people on the hook since its launch.

In Https aka ms remoteconnect What is a crossplay feature?

The cross-play feature is a feature that allows two or more players to play the same game together, even if they are on different types of devices/consoles.

You can enjoy the Minecraft crossplay feature on the following devices.

  1. Xbox ( S, X, ONE )
  2. Nintendo switch
  3. Playstation 4
  4. Playstation 5

Before getting into error details, let’s see what you need to access the https aka ms remoteconnect.

Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Requirements

Besides having a good internet connection and a gaming device, you need to have a Microsoft account to fix Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect. You can only access Minecraft if you have a Microsoft account. And remember, you can only connect one Microsoft account to access Minecraft. So, even if you change devices it’s important to use the same old Microsoft account. Or else, you can lose your game data.

But sometimes, you will encounter a login error while trying to access your Microsoft account for playing Minecraft. There are several reasons for that which we will discuss later in the article. First, let’s see the https aka ms remoteconnect error.

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Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Error

Https aka ms remoteconnect has made life easier for Minecrafters, it allows them to access the multiplayer feature in no time. While logging in to your Microsoft account to play Minecraft, you might see the error message which will look like this.

Https //

“Signing in to a Microsoft account will permanently associate it with your current account for ‘PlayStation Network”

“If you’re already using an existing Microsoft account to access Minecraft on another device, you may wish to use that account. You can only do this once per account for ‘PlayStation Network, so please choose your Microsoft account carefully.” Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect

Visit this website on another device

This is what the error message looks like. Now, how to fix this http aka ms remoteconnect error? Well to be scientific, this is a Microsoft login error, but people usually refer to it as https aka ms remoteconnect error.  

How To Fix Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Error?

You do as the web message says! Yes, this might be a bit of a hindrance while enjoying your game but it’s really not a big deal. You should either make a Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Microsoft account if you haven’t yet. And if you already have a Microsoft account, you should copy the code from the web page and paste it on the Microsoft code page. This will link your Minecraft to your Microsoft account.

You can always go to the settings option in your Https // Minecraft account then go to profile and select the sign out of Microsoft account if you want to unlink that account.

How To Fix Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Error

After you enter the code, you need to enter your Microsoft password and you will have a live Microsoft account with access to Minecraft easily.

Reasons Behind Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect Errors

The reasons behind https aka ms remoteconnect error are pretty simple and easy to get rid of. The following might be the reason you face this error.


You will encounter this error if you don’t have a Microsoft account, if you don’t have an account, create one for free! People are most likely to come across this error while they are trying to access the crossplay feature for the first time.


Creating an account is just not enough, you have to connect your account by using the https aka ms remoteconnect website. It not only allows you to play on different devices but you can also play with your friends.


When you try to log in from another new device to your Minecraft account, you might face this error because the game usually catches bugs because of corrupted game data. To fix this Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect error, you can simply delete all the extra game cache files. If you fear that you might lose your game data, then backup your data before deleting it.


If you are trying to access your Microsoft account on a new device or you have already signed in to your Microsoft account on another device, then you might come across this Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect error. You should sign out from all other devices and only sign in to the one you are going to play on.

Https aka ms remoteconnect Conclusion

To conclude about https aka ms remoteconnect, we can say that it provides an easy way for Minecrafters to set up and play on different devices. The website is also safe to use. Crossplay is an incredible way to enjoy your favorite game with your friends. In just a few simple steps you can connect your Microsoft account with your Minecraft account.

Https // FAQS

Q1. What is https aka ms remoteconnect?

Https aka ms remoteconnect is a web portal that allows us to enable the crossplay feature in minecraft.

Q2. What happens in the Minecraft game?

Minecraft is one of the most popular games that has its own 3D, virtual world where you can build everything from scratch, such as in shelter, food, etc.

Q3. What do you need to access Minecraft on different devices?

You need a Microsoft account to access minecraft on different devices. Then you can go to https aka ms remoteconnect to avail yourself of it.

Q4. How can you fix the https aka ms remoteconnect error?

You can use https aka ms remoteconnect to fix the Microsoft login error. They will give you the code that you have to put in to access the game.

Q5. What should you do to avoid the Https Aka Ms Remoteconnect error?

You must make sure that your Microsoft account is not logged in to some other gaming console.

Q6. What might be one of the reasons that you encountered this error?

You are more likely to encounter this Https // error if you have corrupted game data.

Q7. Why should you sign in to a Microsoft account from one device at a time only?

When your Microsoft account is logged in at two places together, and you try to connect it with Minecraft, the Minecraft gets signaled for two device connections that’s why you should only sign in to your account on one device only.

Q8. What is a crossplay feature?

The cross-play feature allows you to play the same game with your friends even if they have different devices/consoles.

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