Stuck up in between cooking because you make blunders? That’s quite normal. Doesn’t matter if you are a newbie cook or cooking for a long period, you still need to brush up on your cooking skills. With just a little guidance and easy cooking tips, you can make cooking an easy and fun process.

We have rounded some amazing tips that will surely gonna work for you. Let’s walk through the tips!

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1- Prep All Things Before Start

Make all things ready before you start cooking. It will save you time and make cooking easy for you. Gather all the ingredients in one place and shopped the ingredients that you will need. Doing this also reduces the chance of burning out your dish while cooking. You don’t have to look all around again and again for the ingredients while cooking.

2- Use Sharp Knives

It’s such an irritating thing when your knife is not sharp. The chopping becomes the most difficult task. Always grab good quality sharp knives for your kitchen. It will save you a lot of time while making cutting and chopping easy. A dull knife increases the risk of injuries and s much more dangerous than a sharp one as it requires more pressure and is risky of slipping on your fingers. While with a sharp knife you can cut your ingredients effortlessly as well as efficiently.

3- Fresh & Good Quality Ingredients

Always cook with fresh ingredients for preserving the nutritional value as well as maintaining the best flavors. Frozen ingredients contain several preservatives and artificial flavors which can ruin the taste of your dish as well as cause damage to your health. Fresh ingredients improve the taste and quality of your meal while giving you the all required nutrients to boost your health

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4- Preheat The Pan

Never put your ingredients in a pan without preheating the pan. If the first and very basic tip that you should follow while cooking. Put your pan on flame, add oil and wait for seconds, when you feel it starts heating then add your other ingredients and start your cooking. Adding meat to a pan that is not heated properly will result in the dryness of the meat.

5- Taste And Season

It’s very good that you follow the recipe and season according to that but, your gut matters the most when you cook. Always do a taste test and then make your dish delicious by infusing the flavors with the perfect amount of seasoning as it has a huge effect on the flavors.

6- Crack Egg On Flat Surface

Whether you are baking, preparing fried chicken, or just trying a new recipe you need eggs. But sometimes the tiny pieces of an eggshell also plop into the batter. Avoid cracking eggs on the rim of the bowl. Instead of this, try to crack it on a flat surface. When you crack an egg on an edgy surface it will cause more shatter of the shell and end up making its way into the dish.

7- Use Unsalted Butter

Ever wonder why your dish doesn’t come out the way it is described in the recipe? That’s because you used salted butter instead of unsalted butter. The salted butter contains an amount of salt which makes a blunder in your dish with the quantity of salt. Use unsalted butter for cooking and baking while you can enjoy salted butter as a spread for bread for a healthy breakfast.

8- Correct Measurements

Do the proper measurements of ingredients while cooking with measuring cups and spoons. When you are a newbie in the kitchen you must learn first and then experiment. Measuring the ingredients accurately improves the quality of your food while cooking and especially when you are baking. It’s even better if you do the measuring of ingredients before starting to cook.

These are little and easy tips that will help you the most while working in the kitchen. Be confident and always look for ways to make your food delicious. Whether you are a beginner or have been cooking for a while, you can level up your cooking game with these easy tips!

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